Our target of zero fatalities and serious incidents is supported by our CEO and top management team members. The strategy – rests on the following six core beliefs:

  • Our leadership is responsible and accountable for the health and safety performance.
  • Living the Westfield values is fundamental to our health and safety performance
  • All employees should return home safe and healthy every day.
  • Prevention is better than cure and, therefore, risk management is a key component of all systems.
  • All injuries and incidents are preventable and rely on good leadership, practical systems and positive employee behaviors.
  • Safety management should be seamlessly integrated into all activities

Furthermore, the strategy has three key objectives:

  • Develop a culture of safety leadership within the organization and firmly embed safety management as a line management responsibility
  • Provide appropriate mechanisms to engage employees on safety and equip them with the necessary skills to consistently achieve safe outcomes

Ensure the deployment of fit-for-purpose management systems that are aligned with a critical control management approach.