Safety is our number one value that drives our goal of achieving zero harm, as well as our target of eliminating all fatalities and injuries at all our operational sites. Our safety management system is aligned to the best international practice, ISO 45001. Safety is critical to enabling performance across our operational sites.

10 years of LTI-free drilling operations

Zero lost time injuries spanning the past 10 years while working a staggering 2,242,319 man hours between 2013 and 2023 (last record in October 2023). We are so proud of our team for their outstanding accomplishment. Result of Duty of Care. It’s everyone’s role on site to look after each other and as such keep everyone accountable and making decisions with respect to safety.

Continual Safety Improvement

The company is committed to constantly analyzing safety performance through fact-based data, and incident potential addressing root causes and system weaknesses as soon as they are identified, and experimenting with changes that will lead to long-term systems improvement.



Westfield strives for zero harm in all its operations. The company aims to eliminate potential accidents and injuries at all workplaces and strives to minimize hazards inherent in the working environment in a reasonably practicable manner.

Westfield is committed to;

  • Continually improving occupational health and safety performance through the setting and assessment of goals and considering the client’s health and safety policy, best practices, scientific knowledge, and available new technology.
  • Providing a Healthy and safe working environment for all employees, partners, stakeholders, and the public as far as it is reasonably practicable.
  • Risk management at workplaces and surveillance of workplaces and employees.
  • Complying with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the company will subscribe.
  • Ensuring that appropriate resources, training, and personal protective equipment are provided to improve occupational health and safety.
  • Ensuring that employees and sub-contractors have relevant skills to perform work-related tasks in a safe manner and that they are aware of individual occupational health and safety obligations and rights.
  • Westfield commits to meeting all environmental rules and regulations in the mining industry and strives to protect our environment through sound management practices and decisions.
  • Making this Policy and its revisions, objectives, and targets known to employees, sub-contractors, and our stakeholders

Manage Risk

Manage process safety risk through clear, well-implemented, and routinely tested/inspected physical barrier management.


We are committed to upholding and respecting human rights through:

  • Supporting international human rights principles
  • Requiring our suppliers to share our commitment to human rights
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment
  • Maintaining a workplace free of discrimination and harassment
  • Prohibiting child labor, forced labor, bonded labor, human trafficking, and modern slavery in our operations
  • Providing regionally competitive compensation
  • Compliance with local regulations governing working hours
  • Providing a third-party HelpLine for anyone to raise concerns


We are committed to delivering safe and efficient drilling deliverables by:

  • Consistently exceeding our client’s expectations
  • Complying with all applicable requirements
  • Providing a trained, competent, and motivated workforce
  • Maintaining the highest standards of asset integrity
  • Optimizing performance through operational discipline, procedural compliance, and a reliability culture
  • Investigating incidents and determining nonconformities to prevent recurrence
  • Continually reviewing and improving all aspects of our business

Environmental Management

Westfield aims to satisfactorily complete projects for clients while adhering to specific requirements and all relevant national and an aligned ISO 14001 international standards and legal obligations with respect to the environment within which we operate. Westfield collaborates with key stakeholders to maintain an open dialogue to ensure environmental impacts are avoided or minimized.