Surface Drilling

  • Air Core
  • Reverse Circulation
  • Exploration
  • Diamond Drilling (DD)
  • Directional Drilling

Production Drilling

  • Down the hole (DTH)
  • Blast Hole (BH) Drilling
  • RC Grade control drilling
  • Sonic Drilling for stockpiles

Underground Drilling

  • Core Drilling / Diamond Drilling (DD)
  • Underground Exploration
  • Underground Grade Control
  • Service Holes
  • Pilot Holes

Geotechnical Drilling

  • Paste Holes
  • Pre-splits
  • Depressurization (Weep Holes)
  • Water Bores
  • Piezometer Hole Drilling

Orientation Tool In-House

We support exploration drilling projects with a complete range of survey and orientation tool solutions. We also have tools for on-site surveying and geophysical logging services.